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Investing in Real Estate Syndications with Your IRA



“Can I invest in a real estate syndication with my IRA?”


The short answer is “Yes.”

“A self-directed IRA provides the opportunity to invest in alternative investments – not just traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Self-directed IRA custodians offer a variety of investments for retirement accounts, including real estate […] and both non-publicly and publicly traded securities.” (1)

However, although the procedures involved in making a private investment with your IRA are straightforward, many first-time investors may be confused by the role of custodians and the widely varying fees they chargeThe good news is we can help!

As illustrated below, the custodial fees for a $50,000 private investment held for 5 years in a retirement account could differ by more than a factor of 10 depending on the custodian utilized for the investment. (2)

Burton Capital Group has made special arrangements with SDIC Services, LLC, to assist individuals in navigating the various fees, regulations, and custodial procedures required when utilizing an IRA or other tax-advantaged account for private investments.


SDIC’s services include:

  • Clarifying for the investor the role of custodians as defined by the Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA),

  • Help in navigating the complex fees charged by custodians,

  • Assisting you with selecting the most cost-effective custodian for your needs,

  • Assistance with the forms and documents required by custodians to get the investment funded,

  • Access to high-level contacts at the custodian to streamline the process and resolve any difficulties you may encounter.


…And all at a cost that’s less than a few cups of coffee.

To schedule a confidential and free orientation call with SDIC Services to discuss how you can utilize your IRA for private investments, just follow this Calendly link.


(1)“IRA 101”, Retirement Industry Trust Association
(2)Based on published custodian fee schedules
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